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SciFy Rewind 43

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Tonight we chat a little about a Texas Chainsaw attraction, a Lost Concert, Bat V Sup, plus a few other items. After that we get into the latest episodes of The Magicians, The Flash and Walking Dead

ScyFi Rewind 42

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Tonight we’ll be tabling our usual discussion of the latest tv/movie news. Instead We’ll briefly discuss some of the shows we’ve been watching. Including the magicians lucifer xfiles TWD and whatever Brad wants to add. Then we're going to jump head first into the The Flash’s HUGE Earth 2 arc and the long awaited Deadpool ...

Episode 39 The end of 2015

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This is episode 39 of SciFy Rewind and the last episode you will hear from 2015. Join us as we hit the rewind button on our top moments and characters of 2015 as well as our spoiler-free and later spoiler review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Intro - Bill Murray's Star Wars Song - Outro - Star ...

Episode 38

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Doctor Who, Supergirl, Shadow Hunters, Childhood's End, A Very Murry Christmas, The Expanse, GoT, Civil War, Bat Vs Sup, Huntsman, Gremlins 3, Tremors 5, Walking Dead, Flarrow. Intro -  Flash - Queen (Official Music Video) - Outro - "Game Of Thrones" Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle (featuring Taryn Southern) -

Episode 37 11/24/15

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This week we talk, Hunger Games, Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Tremors, GoT, The Expanse, Jessica Jones, 12 Monkeys, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow and more. Intro/Outro -The Hunger Games Musical: Mockingjay Parody - Peeta's Song-

Episode 36 11/19/15

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Once Upon a Time, Game of Thornes, ZNation, Star Trek,  Pushing Up Dasies, Channel Zero, and more Intro -  Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. theme - Outro- All About That Borg -

Episode 35 11/4/15

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This week we talk about Star Trek, X-Files, Who News, Vanessa Helsing, Greatest American Hero, Star Wars, Big Trouble in Little China, Six Million Dollar Man, then talk about Walking Dead, Agents of Shield and The Flash. Outro- Greatest American Hero Theme Intro- 

Episode 34 10/21/15

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Tonight we've got some amazeballs news for you in the tv and film realm, but mostly film because STAR WARSSSSS. Then we're going to jump in with our Fast Five.   Intro -  - Outro -  -

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